A happy golden retriver at a picnic.

Pet parents everywhere are looking forward to Labor Day, a glorious time in September when workers everywhere get a Monday to do whatever they want. What better way to celebrate Labor Day than relaxing pet activities with your dog or cat? Whether you live in the Nashville area or elsewhere in the country, there’s plenty to do with your pet on Labor Day. The team at The Urban Pet would like to share our favorite relaxing pet activities for Labor Day weekend. 

5 Relaxing Pet Activities for Labor Day

1. Go for a Swim

Does your pet love the water? Head out to your favorite lake, creek, or beach for a relaxing day together. Go for a swim, take your pup out for a paddle, or just lounge on the shore and enjoy time spent outside with your pup. 

Pack a picnic to make it even better. Don’t forget treats for Fido, too! And if your dog is still learning how to swim or you’re going out on a boat, bring a life jacket along.

2. Hike a New Trail

Exploring a new trail with your dog (or cat!) is an excellent way to celebrate Labor Day. Pack a leash, a pet-friendly water bottle, poop bags, and some snacks. Wander through the woods or over fields with your furry friend, breathing in the final days of summer.

Your cat or smaller dog might need you to carry them for part of the hike, so make sure you’re ready for some on-the-trail snuggles. 

3. Host a Pet Party

Does your dog get along well with other pups? Host a pawrty to celebrate Labor Day with your friends and their favorite canines. Set up a kiddie pool so your pets can splash around and cool off. Offer tasty treats or goodie bags for each pet. Grab a few new toys for all the pups to play with. Oh, and make sure the humans in the group have something to eat, too! 

4. Relax at Home with a Movie

Sometimes the most relaxing thing to do is stay home all day with your snuggly pets. Try crafting a homemade treat for your pet. Pop some popcorn for yourself, gather your fur-babies around you, and curl up with a favorite film. You’re guaranteed to feel rested and relaxed after spending a cozy day at home with your pets!

5. Visit a Dog-Friendly Restaurant 

Are you stuck on where to take your pet on Labor Day? Why not try one (or two) of the hundreds of pet-friendly restaurants in Nashville? From coffee and breakfast at Frothy Monkey to bar eats and beers at TailGate Brewery, there’s a fun spot for every pet parent in Nashville. 

If you’re from out of town, check a site like BringFido to find local eateries that welcome your pawsome friends. 

Keep in mind that your pup should be fully vaccinated before visiting any dog-friendly public spaces. Some restaurants may require proof of vaccinations before you can enter. It’s also crucial to make sure your dog is on heartworm medication

The team at The Urban Pet can make sure your dog or cat is ready for any Labor Day activity you choose. Contact us today to learn more.