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We are now The Urban Pet! (Formerly known as Animal Hospital of West Nashville)

A dog chewing on a stick

Essential Dental Care To Help Maintain Your Pet’s Overall Health

A tortoise shell cat chewing on a toothbrush

At The Urban Pet we recognize that dental care is vital to your pet’s overall health. We believe that dental health is one of the single most important ways to help maintain overall care for your pet. Because our veterinarian believes oral care is so important, we always incorporate dental exams with every physical exam that we do. That allows us to personalize our recommendations for your cat or dog.

A dog showing off its pearly whites while getting a chin-scratch

Your veterinarian will also provide recommendations for helpful steps you can take at home to keep your pets oral health in great shape. Brushing your animal’s teeth is a wonderful proactive step, but it is not the only thing you can do at home. Try to:

  • Use a dental spray to clean teeth and reduce accumulation of plaque and tartar.
  • Utilize a daily water additive to help control bacteria in the mouth.
  • Give your pet dental chews to keep up with oral health.
Inspecting a cat's teeth

Symptoms That Might Signal Dental Problems

There are certainly also symptoms that might be a sign your pet is having a dental problem:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Having a hard time eating
  • Unwillingness or reluctance to eat hard food
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Bad breath or mouth odor

It is crucial to bring your pet in if they are having any of these issues. Dental problems in pets can be painful and can even lead to tooth loss. Untreated dental issues can also lead to overall health issues.

We also perform in-house dental surgeries when needed. Those services include tooth extraction of broken teeth, removal of excess tissue and oral tumor excision. For more complex dental needs, we can refer you and your pet to a trusted dental specialist.

Give us a call to connect with our team to learn what we can do for your pet’s allergy and dermatological needs.